mother playing with her daughter

Our Approach

Functional Communication in your home/school

Our focus is on communication in the real world. That is, what does your child need to better communicate with you and other adults and children? How will they best communicate? How will we develop language while also enhancing play and social skills?

Our Approach: Play based / whole child approach

Young children learn by playing and by having meaningful and positive social interactions with others. Children with language difficulties or other special needs are similar, but they sometimes need more exposure and more systematic exposure to new experiences.

They also sometimes need other accommodations, such as sensory integration techniques or motivation systems in place. Combining our ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) training, knowledge of sensory integration, and play-based approach to therapy ensures that your child learns new skills while they have fun.

Our Location: Your home or school

SpeechKids provides on-site therapy for children in their home or school. Doing so allows us to make sure that children are comfortable while they receive therapy. It also allows us to better communicate the child’s needs to caregivers so that therapeutic techniques and goals can be reinforced beyond the therapy session.